Visitors to the College

All parents coming onto the College Campus are asked to sign in using the SafeWA check in QR or contact register and must be wearing a face mask. Parents coming in for individual meetings at the College must sign in at Administration. Parents attending parent information evenings are asked to sign in with the Safe WA app. In addition to this, we ask that you please respect physical distancing guidelines and do not attend the College if you are unwell, have recently had a COVID-19 test, or are currently in quarantine/required to self-isolate. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Students are not required to be vaccinated, however children aged over 5 years can receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

However, if your child is on a work placement, or 16+ attending an excursion/external event, such as Year 12 Ball, they will need to comply with the industry/business vaccination requirements at that venue.

Parents/guardians are not required to be vaccinated when:
– dropping off or picking up their child from school;
– volunteering at school on an ad hoc basis – which means attendance at no more than one education facility no more than once per week;
– Attending an event, such as a parent teacher interview; or
– Entering the school after hours.

Attendees 16+ to events held on College grounds where our facilities have been externally hired and the event conducted by that external group will be required to provide the organisers with evidence of Vaccination as per current Government guidelines.

College Bus

The College Bus will operate as normal. Students are to wear masks when travelling on the bus.

Transperth Transport

Under the latest public health measures in effect for Perth and Peel, until further notice masks are mandatory on all Transperth services, unless you have an exemption.

If you refuse to wear a mask that you have or when you are given one, you may be denied travel. If you are exempt from wearing a mask we ask that for your safety, and that of fellow passengers, you physically distance where possible on board our services.
Primary school students (or younger) are exempt from mandatory mask wearing rules, however they can choose to wear a mask if they wish to.

When travelling with us there are a few things that we ask you do:
– Wear a mask onboard all services unless you have an exemption. Mask wearing at bus stops, stations and ferry jetties is encouraged
– Physically distance, where possible
– Use a SmartRider when you are travelling. Please make sure it is registered and keep your registration up to date.
– When using the Free Transit Zone (FTZ) please use a SmartRider and tag on and off each service. You will not be charged a fare if your journey starts and finishes within the FTZ
– When travelling on CAT buses, please use the SafeWAapp and scan the QR code on board each bus. As the code is unique to each CAT bus, you will need to do this on every CAT service you travel on. Details on the SafeWA app can be found here: COVID-19 coronavirus: SafeWA (

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we are asking passengers to follow medical advice and:
– Stay home if you are sick
– Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, before and after using public transport, after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. Or clean with an alcohol-based sanitiser
– Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
– Additionally, if you are travelling on a bus you will need to use the front door to pay for your trip, however, to reduce contact between passengers and bus drivers, we are asking you to exit via the rear doors unless you require the front doors for low floor access.

If you suspect you may have COVID-19 symptoms or may have had close contact with a person who has COVID-19, you should call 13COVID.

Is a school required to provide remote learning for a child whose family are choosing to keep their child at home?

The Minister for Education has publicly stated that children must attend school unless they have a valid and certified reason. Where a parent simply chooses not to send their child, they are in breach of the Education Act. CEWA advises to inform the parent that remote learning cannot be supplied to their child unless on verifiable medical grounds; this certification needs to be obtained from a medical practitioner.

Students who are immune-compromised or have vulnerable family members may be offered the opportunity to participate in remote learning. ACARA recommends that students impacted by quarantine requirements are facilitated to partake in remote learning programs.

If my child has a cough, sore throat etc are they expected to get a COVID test?

Symptoms of COVID can be varied, including asymptomatic. A cough or a sore throat could indicate that a person is infected; however, these may be signs of other illness. Children displaying any COVID symptoms are encouraged to get a COVID test. Any student or staff member who is unwell should not attend to school.