2023 QCE Awards Winner!

The QCE Awards recognise programs and initiatives in Catholic schools across Western Australia that support the vision of providing Christ-centred, student-focused engaged learning environments. We are proud to announce that Emmanuel Catholic College were selected as the winning entrant for the category of Catholic Identity along with a merit award for the category of Stewardship!

Catholic Identity – The Chapel and Stations of the Cross

The Emmanuel Catholic College Chapel and Stations of the Cross embody the essence of Catholic Education’s Vision and Mission. As you enter the College the Stations of the Cross are immediately visible, which strengthens our Catholic identity flowing around the College. The contemporary and meticulous design enhances the engagement of the College community in a manner that inspires and nurtures our faith. Featuring unique and bespoke artwork, the Chapel at the heart of our school, provides a connection to Christ and a place of reflection, deepening an authentic relationship with Christ. Complementing our 21st century educational philosophy the Chapel and Stations of the Cross strongly espouse the school’s mission, vision, and values.

Stewardship – ECC Recycling Hub

The Recycling Hub at Emmanuel Catholic College centralises and streamlines recycling practices, facilitating community participation in environmental conservation. It fosters student engagement, cultivating responsibility and awareness of environmental stewardship. The Hub’s success is evident in high recycling rates and public support, aligning with the school’s Catholic values of responsible resource management and care for creation. It enhances equitable education by providing affordable recycling options and valuable learning experiences. The project’s positive impact includes waste reduction, increased recycling rates, and improved sustainability throughout the College community.

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