Emmanuel Parents​ & Friends

The Parents & Friends Group (P&F) is established to support the Principal to fulfil their responsibilities in leading the Catholic Identity, Education, Community and Stewardship functions of the Catholic school in pursuit of CEWA’s vision to be Christ-centred and child-focused.

The group collaborates with the Principal to plan, organise, and promote a diverse range of social, sporting, cultural, educational, and faith-oriented activities that foster interaction among parents, school staff, parish members, and students, thereby creating valuable opportunities for community engagement. Additionally, the P&F provide crucial support to the Principal in coordinating fundraising events that enhance students’ opportunities and complement the school budget. The College encourages active parental involvement in various school programs, particularly those pertaining to parent engagement in learning. Together with the Principal, they conduct an annual planning session to establish focal points for the upcoming year’s P&F events. The P&F play a proactive role as advocates for the school within the local community, spreading positivity and enhancing its reputation.

The current P&F is vibrant and highly active in our community providing wonderful benefits for our students. We are grateful for the work of the P&F which play an important role in supporting our Principal and teachers to partner with parents and caregivers as the first educators of their children.

Current office bearers:

Chair                Kerri Muller

Treasurer          Eva Colic

Secretary          Sonja Matthes

New members are always welcome. To nominate to be a member of the Parents and Friends, please contact the College or email PandF@emmanuel.wa.edu.au

2024 Meeting Dates
(Meetings are held in the College Boardroom at 6.00pm)

Monday – 26 February
Monday – 25 March
Monday – 27 May
Monday – 26 August
Monday – 28 October
Annual Community Meeting – 6.00pm Monday 2 December in the Staffroom.