Term Dates

Officially gazetted start and end dates for each term are shown below. However, please check the College Calendar carefully for the actual start and end dates for Emmanuel students and placement of additional Pupil Free Professional Development days.

The main calendar dates and Pupil Free days for 2021 are available here.

The 2021 College Bell times are listed here.

2021 Term Dates

Term 1

First day of Term 1
Monday 1 February

Last day of Term 1
Thursday 1 April

Term 2

First day of Term 2
Monday 19 April

Last day of Term 2
Friday 2 July

Term 3

First day of Term 3
Monday 19 July

Last day of Term 3
Friday 24 September

Term 4

First day of Term 4
Monday 11 October

Last day of Term 4
Friday 16 December