From The Principal

“The world no longer cares how much our students know: Knowledge is a commodity as they can look it up. The world cares about what our students do with what they know, which is an entirely different education problem.”
(Wagner, T. 2009)

Emmanuel Catholic College is co-educational secondary school located 23 km south of the Perth CBD in the suburb of Success. With an enrolment of 1180 students, the College provides a contemporary education that prioritises the acquisition of skills, where real world application is evident, through an engaging and inspiring education that redefines teaching and learning for both students and educational practitioners.

Both the current Vision For Learning and Strategic Directions 23-26, highlight an educational philosophy seeking to transform education and improve the day to day experience of our school community with the College values strongly embedded in all we do. The health and wellbeing of all members of the school community is our upmost priority and strongly interlinked with the teaching and learning program in a school where community, and in particular, student voice is very highly and authentically valued.

Emmanuel offers a number of specialist programs including Environmental Sustainability, Academies in Netball, Basketball, AFL, AFLW, and the Performing Arts Collective. The College encourages students to be actively engaged in College life, immersing themselves in a wide range of the many opportunities provided. Whether choosing a university pathway or alternate post school destination, students are provided with a comprehensive and valuable learning environment with an extensive vocational education program and strong external links to the wider community and industry.

Our outstanding facilities are of the highest order with state of the art learning environments highlighted by flexible learning spaces. Appropriate use of technology compliments personalised teaching and learning, where our students are encouraged to take a degree of ownership and develop a high degree of independence in exploring their interests and passions.

The College website provides a glance into our community and its daily life, with all it offers and the opportunities available. I hope it enriches your understanding of our wonderful school. We are certainly proud of Emmanuel Catholic College and look forward to it continuing to distinguish itself as the school of choice in the local area.  

God bless,

Mr Paul Watson
College Principal

“Make no mistake, this world needs all types of children. The quiet, easy-going peacekeepers that sit still and observe. The loud, shake-it-up, feel it deep, change makers that are always on the go. And every unique soul in between.”
(Dr Mary O’Kane)