Our Vision

Vision:God is with us and calls us to become men and women of service to others.’

Our Crest and its significance:

CROSS: Love and life symbol of Jesus Christ who offers us His love, goodness, truth and life.

CIRCLE: This represents God being with us in the Eucharist. As members of our College community, we aim to live a sacramental life.

HORIZONTAL LINES: These represent water, which is a key feature of the wetlands environment neighbouring the College. Water is also symbolic of our call to share in the mission of Christ through Baptism.

The College’s Shared Vision statement was developed through extensive input and refinement from all of the community as part of the Teacher Designed School’s Project.  It encapsulates our mission and work in a clear summary.

Emmanuel Catholic College staff are committed to teaching to the highest standards possible, working collaboratively in association with their peers and with a genuine focus on building positive relationships and rapport with students.  High expectations in relation to behaviour, attitude, quality of work and commitment, are part of the everyday interaction between all members of the College community.  There is an understanding that parents will support members of staff in maintaining consistency and uniformity of these accepted standards. 

Staff at Emmanuel Catholic College, are seen as integral role models for our students in how they relate to all members of our community, in mentoring, in displaying respect, in compassion, in service to others and in demonstrating leadership.  The College is an educational community that aims to develop within each student, Jesus as the model for humanity.  At enrolment, the College’s Core Values and expectations are outlined.

As this secondary education journey unfolds, we seek to develop and acknowledge ALL of the special talents and gifts of each individual, in all dimensions – spiritual, academic, sporting, artistic and cultural. There is public recognition and celebration of achievement, extending from the classroom to the whole school level.  Such recognition is not limited to students alone, with staff also being acknowledged for their contributions and achievements. 

The College’s culture of excellence provides a structured discipline policy to both students and parents with a clear set of rules and obligations.  All staff have clear guidelines for classroom management to promote a consistent approach and provide fairness and structure for all students.  Educational Programs at the College are characterised by innovative and energised, specialist staff, dedicated to high standards of achievement and overall student care.  All of these distinguish the College as a school of choice in the local community.

The College actively encourages staff to be involved in decision making and to take on ownership of whole school policies.  Mentor teachers for new staff and graduates are allocated.  Opportunities are provided for staff to network, plan and team build on a regular basis creating teacher collaboration on all levels.  The authentic development of our holistic approach to education is paramount at Emmanuel.  This is supported fundamentally by a tangible emphasis on pastoral care. 

In addition, positive reinforcement, public acknowledgement and the development of a tradition of pride in achievement are all part of developing and maintaining a positive learning culture and environment with an expectation of the highest standards.  Effective and open communication throughout all aspects of the College environment ensure that these expectations and the daily life of the College and its students, work smoothly.

The development of the whole person through a rich learning journey, a supportive community and Jesus, as a model for life and action, is Emmanuel Catholic College.

Emmanuel Catholic College’s Core Values are:

  • We will show respect, compassion and service to others
  • We will strive for excellence
  • We will be consistent and fair
  • We will model Christ in our behaviour