Catholic faith is a precious gift from God and we strive to nurture the faith of students and staff, serving those in need. Through Catholic schools, we seek to foster a Christian mentality in our society, and to encourage young people to contribute more broadly to the development of the kind of world envisaged by Christ.

Liturgical Celebrations

The Catholic celebration of Eucharist is celebrated in the Chapel on Wednesday morning at 8.00am. This is open to the whole College community, including the parish. The liturgy is prepared by members of different Pastoral Care groups or Staff each week. On special occasions, such as the celebration of College Feast Day – Emmanuel Day, the whole school gathers for Mass. We also share Eucharist together if the Feast of the Assumption. These celebrations have provided the community with an opportunity to share in our faith together. We also celebrate many liturgies, with the celebration of Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and Christmas. These liturgical celebrations enable us to have a close relationship with the Parish.


Throughout the year students participate in a variety of retreat experiences. The students implement the College Core Values into their lives. These experiences, enable students to learn about using and understanding their faith in daily life.

Social Justice

Our Christian faith finds expression in many forms of service both within the school and in the community, whether it be older students generously sharing their knowledge and skills with younger students, or fundraising for various charities, such as Lifelink, Catholic Mission, Caritas or St Vincent de Paul. Not only do we fundraise for different organisations, we also awareness raise. We encourage students to be aware of the struggles found in the world and to contribute to understanding the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.

Christian Service

Students also spend time contributing to the wider community. They participate in Christian Service Learning and we promote the College Immersion Program.