Bush Rangers

Bush Rangers is a youth-based conservation and community development Program. It supports students to take an active role in the conservation of the natural environment, flora and fauna, and enables a better understanding of the mechanisms for its management.

Bush Rangers offers students the opportunity to undertake personal development training while developing their conservation skills and knowledge through involvement in practical nature conservation projects. The projects that are undertaken can be school-based, within the local community, or at some amazing locations and landscapes across the state.

Bush Rangers encourages the College students to take action for positive change. With the College central to the Beeliar Wetlands, it is ideally located for students to use practical methods to conserve nature. Students also have to demonstrate an understanding of the causes of change in Western Australia’s biodiversity. Prior projects have involved revegetation at Kogolup Lake, maintenance assistance at Harmony Lake and the planting of trees in local parks and reserves. The students have also been involved in clean-up and care of local beaches and wetland habitats.

All learning outcomes, including leadership and teamwork, are achieved through excursions and camps. The Program is supported by the Department of Parks and Wild Life (DPaW) and is currently offered to students in Years 8, 9, and 10.