School Advisory Council

Members of Emmanuel Catholic College Advisory Council are integral to the spirit of partnership that is being developed within our school community. Membership of the Council allows for the various groups within our community to be represented and to provide support to our school leaders. The Advisory Council enables these groups to meet and work together for the holistic development of our school.

The Advisory Council:

  • Supports the Principal in the leadership of the school;
  • Is a resource when the Principal is planning for the present and future strategy of our school;
  • Brings the voice of the community into our school; and
  • Helps to build relationships across our Catholic school community.

The Advisory Council reflects the diversity of our community ensuring the representation of different voices, experiences, and perspectives. Members must support the Catholic ethos, follow the school’s Code of Conduct and act in the best interests of our school.

Current office bearers:

  • Chair  – Kristine McKenzie
  • Vice Chair – Donna Shell
  • Treasurer  – David MacRae
  • Secretary  – Sonja Matthes
  • Parish Representative – Donna Johnson
  • P&F Representative – Michelle Bradford

The ACM will be held on Monday 2 December, 2024 at 6.00pm in the College Staffroom.