More House


Saint Thomas More

Saint Thomas More was a devoted defender of the Church. His lead his life looking after his family and standing up for what he believed. His unwavering devotion to God throughout his life is reflected in his final statement “The King’s good servant – but Gods first.


Gryphons have been known for centuries as symbols of strength, intelligence and wisdom. They are also said to have hoards of fabulous treasure, which they guard endlessly. The joining of eagle and lion into one creature incorporates the qualities of strength and wisdom of both these regal animals.


The house motto for Gryphon is “Loyalty, Strength and Wisdom”. Strength and wisdom representing the dual qualities of Gryphons and loyalty representing St Thomas More’s unwavering devotion to God.


Give us a mind that is humble, quiet and peaceable,
Patient and charitable
And a taste of your Holy Spirit
in all our thoughts and deeds.
Give us a lively faith, a firm hope,
A fervent charity, a love of you.
Take from us all luke-warmness in meditation
And all the dullness in prayer.
Give us fervour and delight in thinking of you,
Your grace and your tender compassion towards us.
Give us,
Good Lord,
The grace to work for the things we pray for.

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