Lisieux House


Saint Therese of Lisieux

St Therese of Lisieux had trust and confidence in God. She is known as the ‘Little Flower’ because during the time she was a nun, she was offering to God what she called ‘flowers’ which were little kindnesses to others, little sacrifices, demonstrating her generosity.

The only way that leads to love – is the way of childlike trust and the way of a child that sleeps, afraid of nothing, safe in its father’s arms.”


Pegasus – symbol of strength, trust and friendship.

Pictured above is the Pegasus, a winged divine stallion, one of the best known creatures in mythology. It presents an image of strength as the Pegasus was a thunderbolt bearer. The wings represent the soul’s ability to transcend the weight of earthly burdens and rise above such concerns into the air, with its soaring flight a symbol of the soul’s immortality and serves as the carrier and protector of the spirit.


The motto is three simple words that encompass the life and character of St Therese and those which qualities we aspire to achieve: Trust, Spirit, Generosity.


St Therese of the child Jesus and the Holy face,
teach us to follow your way in confidence and trust.

Help us to realize that our Father’s love watches over us each day of our lives.

Obtain for us the light to see,
In sorrow and in joy,
in trials as in peace,
the loving hand of our Father.

Give us your own faith and trust,
So that we may walk in darkness,
As the light, holding fast to the way of love,
Knowing as you did that everything is a grace.