Application For Enrolment

Enrolment into the College can only occur upon submitting an Application for Enrolment Form along with the requested documentation, as mentioned on the front of the Application Form. If your child is baptised Catholic a Parish Priest Reference is required. 

There is a cost of $50.00 to apply at the College which is non-refundable and can be paid using our Online Store.

Submission of an Application does not guarantee admission or an enrolment interview. Parents are encouraged to enrol well in advanced of the admission year. Families are selected for interviews based on the College Enrolment Policy. Interviews are conducted two years prior to their commencement in Year 7.

For details regarding the enrolment policy please click here.

Guidelines for supplying the College with your child’s Immunisation Report can be found here. Your child’s Immunisation Report must be provided to the College in the form of a print out from the Australian Immunisation Register.

Parents will be contacted in writing regarding the success of the application or otherwise. If successful, a Letter of Offer is forwarded with a Confirmation of Enrolment Agreement, which must be signed and returned by the date stipulated, along with a non-refundable and non-transferrable Enrolment Deposit Fee.

On enrolling their children, and signing confirmation of Enrolment documentation, parents undertake to support fully the Catholic philosophy of the College and to work with the College community to achieve its aims. By signing the Agreement students are expected to abide by the conditions of the College, and fully and enthusiastically participate in the life of the College.

A copy of the College Privacy Policy can be found here.