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Every student undertakes a journey at Emmanuel Catholic College which is unique and personal to the individual. From the moment your child attends our comprehensive orientation prior to starting in Year 7, through to their final day in Year 12, and beyond as part of our Alumni program, we will nurture, guide and support them to develop them into the best person they can be.

Teachers at Emmanuel Catholic College are held to the highest standard of education with best-practice models used and a focus on continual improvement.

With an importance on pastoral care, a high standard of education, a positive learning culture and environment and a variety of co-curricular activities on offer, students are given the opportunity to develop and flourish into well-rounded young adults, prepared for life beyond the school gates.

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Application Forms

We invite you to apply for your child/ren to attend Emmanuel Catholic College. Please click on the relevant link below to complete our online forms. Submission of an Application does not guarantee admission or an enrolment interview. Parents are encouraged to enrol well in advanced of the admission year. Families are selected for interviews based on the College Enrolment Policy. 

Apply here for 2023-2025 entry

Apply here for 2026 and beyond

Enrolment Criteria

The following criteria establish important guidelines and principles for the acceptance and offer of enrolment places at Emmanuel Catholic College:

  • Catholic students (with a Parish Priest reference) whose parents are Alumni of Emmanuel Catholic College
  • Catholic students from Catholic schools with a Parish Priest reference
  • Catholic students from non-Catholic schools with a Parish Priest reference
  • Other Catholic students from Catholic schools
  • Other Catholic students from non-Catholic schools
  • Non-Catholic students whose parents are Alumni of Emmanuel Catholic College or Siblings of non-Catholic students
  • Non-Catholic students from Catholic schools
  • Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations
  • Other non-Catholic students.

Associated documents

Parish Priest Reference Form

Application and Enrolment Fee Payment Gateway

College Policies can be found here and Procedures here.