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All staff applying for positions at Emmanuel Catholic College are asked to read our ‘Vision Statement’ on the College website as well as the ‘Statement of Principles’ at the end of this Application Form.

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    Teaching in a Catholic School – A Statement of Principles

    The philosophy of Catholic education has been expressed in many Church documents since the Second Vatican Council. Whilst the Catholic school is accountable to the community for the provision of quality education to its students, it is accountable also to the Church community for providing this education within the context of Gospel values as espoused by the Catholic tradition. The Catholic school is more than an educational institution: it is a key part of the Church, an essential element in the Church’s mission.

    The Catholic education philosophy reveals a concern for an education which combines sound knowledge and skills with an overall personal development based in Christian values. Such an education is dependent for its effectiveness on a high level of interpersonal relationship between teacher and pupil through which the teacher witnesses to the essential values of Christ.

    Teachers in the Catholic school are more than employees. They minister in the name of the Church and of the Gospel and as such participate actively in the life of the Church and have a pastoral concern for each individual student.

    It is expected all teachers employed in a Catholic School will perform conscientiously and competently the duties, both teaching and non-teaching, they are assigned by the Principal in accordance with normal practice in Catholic schools.

    Teachers should help maintain an atmosphere of charity and justice within the school, as would be expected in a community and help ensure the provision of the Catholic religious perspective in the teaching and learning process and in all activities of the school in which staff and students engage.

    All teachers have a responsibility to develop and maintain an adequate understanding of those aspects of Catholic teaching which relate to their subject areas. By their example, all teachers provide a Christian leadership role for all members of the school community.

    Only a person supportive of Catholic Educational philosophy may be a teacher in a Catholic school. Teachers bear witness to Christ and Christian values in their own conduct and by personally supporting, evaluating, developing and disseminating the Catholic school philosophy.

    The Catholic School and the teacher in the Catholic School are committed to extending the invitation of Jesus to “Come, Follow Me”.

    The objectives which teachers in a Catholic school undertake to support and promote require them to:
    (i) give regular and efficient instruction for the academic, physical and spiritual development of the pupils;
    (ii) participate in worship and prayer in the school;
    (iii) adhere to Catholic principles and by personal example, integrity and behaviour, support Catholic moral standards.

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    Please be advised that under the Australian Privacy Policy all unsuccessful applicant documents will be retained for three months from the closing date of the application submissions, after this time they will be destroyed.


    I declare that the information in this application is complete and correct in every detail.
    I understand that deliberate inaccuracies or omissions may result in non-acceptance of this application and/or termination of employment. I have read “Teaching In A Catholic School: A Statement of Principles” and concur with its contents and agree to support the objectives outlined.
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