Career Taster Day!

On Thursday 11 August a group of Year 9 students spent the day at Stanley College experiencing what it is like to be a Chef for a Day and Experiencing Healthcare. Both programs were a rewarding experience, where students were able to experience a hands-on understanding regarding future career pathways.

Chef students began the day with a talk on the importance of food hygiene. There were lots of giggles when hair nets were produced for them to wear, but they stepped up and demonstrated professional standards all day.

The group began by making pasta from scratch. Arm muscles were well toned from continuously stretching out the dough. While the pasta dried, students were free to be creative making sugar cookies with lots of flavour choices- coconut, chocolate and orange to name a few.

Finally, a rich tomato sauce was simmered to compliment the students fettucine pasta made earlier in the day. Smiles all round showed how proud students were of their excellent cooking efforts as they enjoyed a lovely lunch together as a group. The day was a valuable learning experience, with lots of fun along the way.

Meanwhile, at the Healthcare Career Taster, students were learning how to save lives by following DRSABCD. By practicing their skills, they saved the lives of many plastic dummies! They then were able to bandage each other up, preparing them for treating fractures, dislocations and bleeding. The students were enthusiastically involved in all activities and enjoyed taping each other up!

After lunch, the students went into Stanley College’s practice hospital ward, where they learnt the correct way to help move elderly and injured people. Students became familiar with wheelchairs, walkers and hoists.

Overall, it was a valuable learning experience and a fun day out. Students learnt about careers in Healthcare and Hospitality, as well as alternative entries to university pathways. We are hoping to offer other Career Taster courses later in the year, so that more Year 9 students are able to experience what learning outside of the College will look like.