Cinematic Tone and Minecraft Movies!

Media students have been busy exploring mood and tone in film making, rather than storytelling. Students were challenged to write or select a poem and then create visuals to set the tone.  They used brainstorming and storyboarding techniques to map out their projects while also considering how music and soundscape affects the feel of film. The final films were shot on a combination of Canon cameras and mobile phones.

Another challenge for our Media students was to use Minecraft as the primary source for the footage that makes up the film. Students were asked to use at least one element of green screen in their final production.  Most students used this technique to bring in an element of the ‘real world’ into their production. The class first built their movie sets in Minecraft, then performed their film shoot using screen recordings. They also made characters to interact within their created worlds. The primary challenge of this style of film making is to record multiple shots and angles so that the end product is cinematic.

Students did a wonderful job throughout both projects which some excellent results!