Wellbeing Services

The College has trained Counsellors on staff who actively facilitate and promote the mental health and wellbeing of our students. Specifically, addressing their social, emotional, behavioural and learning needs.

Our Counsellors work very closely with the Heads of Year, Head of Learning Excellence and other members of staff as required and in consultation with parents and families. Our Counsellors adhere to guidelines and counselling protocols under the guidance of the College Principal, and where applicable, associated outside support agencies.

Parents may seek a referral for their child through the relevant Head of Year, Student Services or the College Administration and make appointments subject to availability. Students can request an appointment by sending one of our Counsellors a ‘Direqt Message’ through SEQTA. Appointments are strictly confidential unless a student is deemed at risk to themselves or others.

The College runs various programs at different times aimed at various aspects of student welfare including;

Seasons for Growth a staged Program over a number of sessions that assists people in dealing with loss and grief

The ‘Act, Belong, Commit’ Program for mental health and wellbeing.