College Media Team Livestream Broadcast

Two of our students thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the crew of the Local Media Services Company guided by one of our parents, David MacRae to broadcast and livestream our Interhouse Swimming Carnival. One student was behind the mic interviewing the swimmers and the other was behind the camera filming them. We look forward to providing more of these opportunities to more of our students throughout the year. Here are some quotes from David Macrae and the two students:

“Holly and Madi were SUPERSTARS. So proud of their efforts.”

“It was an absolutely amazing experience to be able to work with such talented people, in such an interesting environment.”

“It was an amazing experience to put on those headphones and hear the whole inside operation of the broadcast that you don’t normally get to see/hear. It was surreal to hear my name/ the camera that I was on and hear the director say “Camera 2 ready, Camera 2 live” and all the people watching could see what I was filming.”

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