Creative Minds Entrepreneurship

Our Year 9 and 10 Project Create students and Year 12 General Health Studies students, had the unique opportunity to engage with six dynamic, local, entrepreneurs. Among them were Alexis McDonald who created the HerHelp App, Gareth Shanthikumar, co-founder of MAN UP, Brittany Garbutt, the founder of Pretzel Australia, Lucas Lane, from and our very own Jeremy and Jonathan, Class of 2023, who have created their clothing business, VEREX Authentic.

As part of our new initiative, ‘Leading Change Through Connection’ these passionate individuals shared their journeys with our students – unveiling how they turned their passions into profitable ventures or contributed towards addressing mental health issues in our society. These individuals have inspired our students who are embarking on their own journey as they either create their very own passion project (Project Create) or prepare to launch the first Emmanuel Health Expo (Health Studies). Stay tuned for the unveiling of their creative projects and solutions throughout the year!