We are proud to offer a wide range of extra curricular activities that cater to the divers interests and passions of our students.

Our extra curricular programs are designed to enhance the high school experience and provide opportunities for personal growth and development outside of the curriculum.

A sample of what is currently offered at the College can be found below.

E-Sports Club
Play games socially and competitively.

Emmanuel War Hammer Alliance
Socialising and hobby craft skills.

Enviro Club
Environmental initiatives in and around the school and in conjunction with other feeder schools.

Performing Arts Collective
Various Junior/Senior Dance, Music Bands, Choirs and Orchestras, Theatre Companies and an AV Team, to name a few.

Sporting Groups
Various groups across Year levels in Basketball, Cricket, Ultimate Frisbee, Netball, Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Cross Country and Athletics to name a few.

Media Team
Photography, videography and reporting of College activities and events.