Science Week 2023

Innovation: Powering Future Industries.

Over the course of Science Week, we’ve witnessed a myriad of impressive engagements both within and beyond the educational spaces. Pupils were presented with the task of showcasing their adeptness in maneuvering a Sphero robot along our Grand Prix racetrack, formulating their personal non-Newtonian substances, fabricating colossal bubbles, probing their proficiencies in the Hydrogen Escape Room.

Students also competed throughout the week in the annual Education Perfect Science Championships! Passionate minds clashed in a battle of knowledge, each participant showcasing their scientific prowess. It was a true testament to the fact that learning is a journey of exploration and growth, and the competitive spirit only fuels our desire to know more.

As the week drew to a close, our Science Department pulled out all the stops to present the Big Science Week Show. The stage was set for an exhilarating display of experiments that left us all spellbound. From mesmerising chemical reactions to mind-bending physics demonstrations, the showcase was a vivid reminder that science is not just a subject; it’s a captivating journey that unravels the mysteries of the universe.