Vision for Learning

Emmanuel Catholic College has embarked on a community engagement initiative to develop a Vision for Learning for the College.

Please click the video below to view the explanatory video about this exciting Vision for Learning process the College is undertaking. For more information, please see the FAQs below.

What is the Vision for Learning?

A Vision for Learning will be a statement and key focus areas detailing the type of school Emmanuel will be and what our teachers and students will be like.

Why is Emmanuel creating a Vision for Learning?

We are at a significant point in the life of the college, it is time to examine our history and traditions, and to develop a common language and understanding of the purpose of Emmanuel to ensure we are the best we can be.

What is the process involved in creating the Vision for Learning?

An extensive consultation process will take place, which includes all members of our Emmanuel community- staff, students, parents, and alumni. A combination of workshops, brainstorming sessions, surveys and small focus group sessions will be included.

A whole-community Climate Survey has been conducted to gather information on where the school is currently and where we need to go.

An Ideas Team has been formed to dig further into the information gathered, to pull it all together, and to develop this into a concise vision with key focus areas that will become our Vision for Learning.

What is an Ideas Team?

Our ideas team has representatives from each area of our college: staff, students and parents. The Ideas Team will be vital in taking the wider gathered information and turning it into our Vision for Learning.

What is a Climate Survey?

A large information gathering source for the Vision for Learning is through our Climate Survey. We’ll use the information received from the Climate Survey to feed back into our Vision for Learning, and also for future improvements of the College.

This survey was distributed to all parents, to all students through their Religious Education classes and to all staff through their Staff Meeting.

How do I complete my Climate Survey?

The Climate Survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who completed the Survey.

Want to know more?

Please contact the below staff members for more information:

Vision for Learning
Mrs Kylie Kingdon
Dean of Innovation

Climate Survey
Mr Vince Bellini
Vice Principal