Year 10 Retreat & Wellbeing

Year 10 students attended a Wellbeing walk and an inspiration session led by Scott Darlow as part of their Retreat Day experiences. A Yoorta Yoorta man, who is a professional musician and public speaker, Scott incorporated music and stories in his presentation to drive home a message of culture, reconciliation and personal growth. His main focus was on using FLUTE – Forgiveness, Love, Understanding, Tolerance and Empathy – in all interactions. By doing this, we will grow as people, be more accepting, and thrive in future relationships. The Year 10 students found him to be entertaining, inspirational and engaging.

The Wellbeing Walk along the Swan View Heritage Trail was thoroughly enjoyed. Throughout the walk students thought about what type of behaviours they want to strengthen or what behaviours are not serving them well at present. The walk was physically testing while also being a journey of self-discovery for our students.