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Year 12 ATAR English Science Fiction Genre Study 

As part of Unit Three of Year 12 ATAR English course, students were required to study a genre, analysing how its conventions conform, subvert or challenge audience expectations. The two science fiction films, Independence Day (1996) and Arrival (2006), were studied to compare, contrast and explore these conventions, as well the context, ideas and issues...
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Virtual Reality in HASS

The first half of 2023 saw the arrival of the College’s new Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. The College purchased 32 goggle sets, which has allowed us to provide one per student in a standard classroom setting. The great thing about VR in education, is how it helps us as teachers to provide more experiential learning experiences for our students through immersive lessons that are engaging, memorable and impactful. We have already had lots of success...
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Current Affairs

Year 11 Media General The students created a current affairs segment aimed at teenagers with a “for or against” bias – the students used ChatGPT to assist in the script writing of this particular segment.
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Dream Garden Project

During Term 2, Year 8 Mathematics students, along with Year 8 Bush Ranger students were presented with the challenge to apply their maths skills to a real-world scenario. Students were challenged to design and build a ‘Dream Garden’ at the College. Mathematics students: took measurements of the designated area and the old garden beds; brainstormed...
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Religion and Life

Year 11 Religion and Life students were set a task inspired by The World Religions Conference, a multi-faith conference which started in 1981 in Ontario. The World Religions Conference (WRC) brings together scholars from the world’s major religions to speak on a common topic from the point of view of their respective religious traditions. Faith groups make presentations of recitations...
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<h5>Year Entry Calculator</h5> 
    <label for="birthMonth">Birth Month:</label> 
    <select id="birthMonth" name="birthMonth"> 
        <option value="0">January</option> 
        <option value="1">February</option> 
        <option value="3">March</option> 
        <option value="4">April</option> 
        <option value="5">May</option> 
        <option value="6">June</option> 
        <option value="7">July</option> 
        <option value="8">August</option> 
        <option value="9">September</option> 
        <option value="10">October</option> 
        <option value="11">November</option> 
        <option value="12">December</option> 
    <label for="birthYear">Birth Year:</label> 
    <select id="birthYear" name="birthYear"> 
        <option value="2010">2010</option> 
        <option value="2011">2011</option> 
        <option value="2012">2012</option> 
        <option value="2013">2013</option> 
        <option value="2014">2014</option> 
        <option value="2015">2015</option> 
        <option value="2016">2016</option> 
        <option value="2017">2017</option> 
        <option value="2018">2018</option> 
        <option value="2019">2019</option> 
        <option value="2020">2020</option> 
        <option value="2021">2021</option> 
        <option value="2022">2022</option> 
        <option value="2023">2023</option> 
        <option value="2024">2024</option> 
        <option value="2025">2025</option> 
    <input type="button" value="Calculate" onclick="calculateYear()"><br><br> 
    <p>Year 7: <span id="year7Entry"></span></p> 
    <p>Year 8: <span id="year8Entry"></span></p> 
    <p>Year 9: <span id="year9Entry"></span></p> 
    <p>Year 10: <span id="year10Entry"></span></p> 
    <p>Year 11: <span id="year11Entry"></span></p> 
    <p>Year 12: <span id="year12Entry"></span></p> 
    function calculateYear() { 
        // Get the birth month and year from the form 
        var birthMonth = parseInt(document.getElementById("birthMonth").value); 
        var birthYear = parseInt(document.getElementById("birthYear").value); 

        // Calculate the year the student will enter Year 7 
        var year7Entry = birthYear + 12; 
        if (birthMonth > 6) { 
        // Calculate the year entry from Year 7 
        var year8Entry = year7Entry +1; 
        var year9Entry = year7Entry +2; 
        var year10Entry = year7Entry +3; 
        var year11Entry = year7Entry +4; 
        var year12Entry = year7Entry +5; 

        // Set the calculated year in the form 
        document.getElementById("year7Entry").innerHTML = year7Entry; 
        document.getElementById("year8Entry").innerHTML = year8Entry; 
        document.getElementById("year9Entry").innerHTML = year9Entry; 
        document.getElementById("year10Entry").innerHTML = year10Entry; 
        document.getElementById("year11Entry").innerHTML = year11Entry; 
        document.getElementById("year12Entry").innerHTML = year12Entry;