Dream Garden Project

During Term 2, Year 8 Mathematics students, along with Year 8 Bush Ranger students were presented with the challenge to apply their maths skills to a real-world scenario. Students were challenged to design and build a ‘Dream Garden’ at the College.

Mathematics students:

  • took measurements of the designated area and the old garden beds;
  • brainstormed ideas around garden design;
  • researched the price of various materials required to build the garden;
  • created several plans of their garden;
  • applied their mathematics skills;
  • calculated the cost of the build; and
  • ensured that the cost was within the allocated budget.

Not only did students learn and apply their maths to this situation, but they also developed their critical and creative thinking skills as well as their communication and team-work skills. These are all essential for life outside of school.  

Students have now submitted their proposal to Mr Watson who will select the group with the best design. This term, Year 8 Bush Ranger students will start working on the garden to bring the winning design to life. We look forward to seeing the final product.

On Monday 7 August 2023, the Year 8 winners and runners-up for creating the best Dream Garden design for Emmanuel Catholic College were announced. The winning group submitted a clear and detailed garden design proposal to Principal Mr Paul Watson.

Congratulations to the following students:

First Place:
Blake, Daniel, Kelsey, Ava

Ella & Evie, Dilanma & Taliyah

From here, Year 8 and 10 Bush Ranger students will work collaboratively with Miss Milne and Mr Gianatti to build the new garden for the College. Watch this space!