College Production – Annie

And that’s a wrap!!!

The final curtain of the College Production of Annie came down on Saturday 20 March to jubilant applause and appreciation.  It was a wonderful weekend of outstanding performances and a culmination of months of hard work, rehearsal and preparation.  The story of Annie, whilst fictional radiates a strong message of hope, grit and the viewpoint of the eternal optimist. A young girl who was tough enough to keep her chin up and face whatever life was going to throw her way, a theme very relevant to our modern world.

The dramatic experience began at the front entrance of the production as people entered to a winter wonderland of snowy Christmas trees. The cast brought a mixture of energy, laughs and poignant moments to the stage. Scene transitions were seamlessly provided by the stage crew and the musicians created a musical delight for the audience. 

Audiences were also treated with donuts, fairy floss and Annie chocolates from the wonderful hospitality students. It was most certainly a joyous college collaboration. 

Congratulations to all students involved and especially to the Arts Department, Miss Rebecca Charleston, Mr Matt Zambon and Miss Giorgia La Verghetta on your outstanding contribution to the production.  

Sherie Chant
Head of Arts