Excellence in the Arts: Scarlett Banecka

Scarlett Banecka is a Year 8 student who has chosen Music as an elective subject. Scarlett has demonstrated excellence in her subject and has taken the time to provide an insight into her current project, her passion for music, and a few words of advice for other aspiring artists!

Scarlett’s project was to choose, or create a brand, and compose a sound logo for it using music technology. She also chose to create a video for the project, which went above and beyond the task description. Using SoundTrap to create and edit her project, Scarlett was able to successfully complete her project to the highest level.

Scarlett has a keyboard at home and has previously taken lessons for it out of school. “I enjoy playing and learning new songs on [the keyboard]”.

Some advice Scarlett has for others, who are working on challenging Arts projects, is to keep it simple and to stay true to your own artistic voice!

“It doesn’t have to be complicated … keep it simple and original.”