Let Them Eat Cake!

History Cake Week 2021

History students from around the state joined this week to share their history themed cakes in a celebration of learning. Students from Mr Rathmann’s Year 11 ATAR History class, Mrs Kingdon’s Year 12 ViSN ATAR History class, Mrs Durack’s Year 11 ViSN ATAR History class and Mr Boyer’s Year 12 General History class created cakes that reflected their learning during Semester One.

There were cakes from the study of Japanese Imperial History including cherry blossoms, imperial flags and maps of Japan with a fence around to represent the isolationist policies. There were cakes from the study of Capitalism in the USA with lots red, white and blue as well as dollar sign cupcakes. Nazi Germany was represented with cupcakes and the face of a young Hitler. Soviet Russia was represented with lots of hammers and sickles as well as an amazing cake demonstrating the terror tactics used during the Civil War. Australian history was represented with a cake of the final cabinet meeting in Old Parliament house in 1988, complete with Bob Hawke.

In total, we had eleven Catholic Schools participate in the History Cake call on Wednesday morning. Students were located as far north as Broome and Karratha all the way down to Albany in the South. We also had staff from the CEWA office join the call and make a cake celebrating a visit from Pope John Paul II in 1986. Mrs Tanham and Ms Roe made the reflection pool located outside of the CEWA Head Offices in Leederville, complete with fish and jelly water.

For these students it was great opportunity to share their learnings with each other. One ViSN student explained, “As I am by myself in my school, calls like this allow me to connect with other students that love history. We get to have a laugh and share what we have learnt across the year groups.”    

As Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake” – though the history teachers think we have had enough cake to last us for the rest of the year!

Mrs Kylie Kingdon
Dean of Innovation