Excellence in the Arts: Desiree Bueza

Who is Desiree Bueza?
Desiree is a Year 11 Student who has been studying Visual Arts since Year 7! She was chosen as a student who is demonstrating excellence in her subject, and she offered us a few answers that will hopefully inspire the younger years on their journey through the Arts. She also offered to show us some of the work she is doing within her subject.

What have you been working on?
Within Desiree’s Visual Arts ATAR classes, the main topic they have been studying is Contrasts and Differences. This could be differences within visuals of the artwork, or within the chosen topic that they have made the artwork about.
In this case, Desiree decided to create an art piece showing the difference between childhood and adulthood.
She spoke about her intentions for the piece, and how as young students, we should be taking advantage of our opportunities. Desiree explained, that even though she isn’t an adult yet, there are things that she looks back on, wishing she had made more of her opportunities.

What Inspires your love and passion of the Arts?
Desiree’s inspiration for her current art piece was how while growing up, you realise that life has changed others throughout the years. As a part of todays youth, Desiree explained that we should be embracing these childhood memories, taking more time to enjoy them considering how busy things become as an adult. When it comes to the Arts in general, what inspired Desiree was how Art is limitless. You can express yourself in any way, shape, or form. It enables you to represent how you feel, and you can show the world what potential you have, attracting different audiences, and sharing similar or completely different opinions with them too.

Some Advice for the Younger Years?
Desiree’s advice is that within Art, there isn’t any right or wrong, or good or bad. It’s about the meaning that you are trying to convey through your pieces and being able to express yourself. She also advises that you try your best, never comparing yourself to others. Yes, everyone has done that at some point, but in the end it’s about what motivates you to keep going, along with your personality and the message you’re trying to express. Just do what you think is right and what you enjoy most!

Catherine Mirasol
Arts Student Leader