Year 9 Retreat Day

On Thursday 3 September, the Year 9 cohort experienced a fun-filled day with the Youth Ministry Team. The Year 9 retreat day, was a day of reflection, personal and spiritual growth along with the consolidation of friendship bonds. Students spent time reflecting on themselves and the different relationships they have in their lives. I hope this experience serves the students well in continuing their development and growth throughout the coming years.

Below are some of the comments from students in Year 9:

“It was nice to have the Youth Mission Team visit Emmanuel and have a talk about relationships, being a very relevant topic for Year 9 students. We enjoyed the activities and learning how to build positive relationships and friendships with one another. The YMT taught us through dramas that they performed, and dramas that some of us got to be involved with. Overall, it was an amazing day and thank you to the YMT for teaching us about relationships.” Nicholas

“During the retreat we did lots of fun games that taught us about leadership and teamwork and helped people to get to know each other better. I think the Youth Ministry Team running the retreat did a really good job of helping us develop our faith without forcing it onto us. They performed lots of skits throughout the day which were relevant to a school context and showed us how to be accepting and form good relationships in ways we understood. We also split into smaller groups for different activities during the day, which helped us to learn more about those in our year we don’t spend as much time with. Overall, it was a really great experience.” Samuel

“It was amazing to see so many of us participating in these hands on activities which allowed us to meet new people. We also had a few speakers from the Youth Mission Group talk about their life stories, life lessons and the struggles they had in school, which helped many of us get a different perspective on our lives. All of the activities helped as it related to our lives today and the situations we are going through.” Sienna

“The day helped us to recognise our beliefs and strengthen our understanding of relationships not only with God but others and ourselves”. Mia

Miss Miranda Dempsey – Deputy Principal Ministry – Years 9 & 10