Music Tuition

Emmanuel Music Tuition

The Emmanuel Catholic College Music Department provides opportunities for students to study a variety of instruments, including voice, through external Peripatetic Tutors. Students who wish to be involved in the Program are requested to complete the attached Application Form and return it to the Director of Music to ensure adequate tutors can be appointed to meet demand.

Lessons are generally scheduled during school hours on a half-an-hour rotational basis to ensure the same class is not repeatedly missed, and students are required to ensure they catch up on any class work that they miss. Students are responsible for checking and attending their designated lesson times and should organise any rescheduled times with their tutors as soon as possible. Students can expect 8x lessons per term, 32x lessons in total per annum.

ECC Music students are encouraged to participate in a variety of musical opportunities such as Choir, Orchestra, Rock Band or one of the many Instrumental Ensembles on offer, as involvement in these extracurricular activities enhance their learning experiences and improves the quality of their performance. Students will also have opportunities to perform in various annual events or public performances throughout the year.

Students in the “Performance Focus” pathway will also be given opportunities to gain person accreditation in Theory and Performance.

Fees and Conditions:
  • Families will receive a bill for lessons from the College. All payments should be made to the College. Non-payment may see immediate cessation of any future lessons until payment/s are reconciled.
  • The fee is based on $35 per 30 x minute lessons. 8 x lessons/sessions per term provided at $280 per term.
  • Enrolments are ongoing and do not need to be renewed between academic years.
  • Depending on demand and at the discretion of the Peripatetic Music Tutor appointed, some combined, paired or group lessons may also be negotiable as will be the Tutor rate.
  • Where possible, music lessons will occur on a weekly basis, for a total of 32 lessons per year.
  • Additional lessons (in excess of the eight (8) per term) may be negotiated with your Tutor but need to occur out of school hours and are payable directly to the Tutor.
  • Missed lessons due to illness or by providing a minimum of one weeks’ notice to the tutor will be rescheduled. There is no obligation for a Peripatetic Tutor to reschedule lessons that are missed due to students’ simply forgetting or being disorganised and will be charged.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to attend their lessons at the scheduled time.
  • Students are to complete an ECC Music Lesson Attendance Notice to Student Reception for each music lesson.
  • Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the College. Five (5) weeks’ notice will be given prior to any fee change occuring.
  • Five weeks’ notice must be given if the student is withdrawing from the program or changing instrument and/or Periatetic Tutor.
Student Information(Required)
Student Date of Birth(Required)
Is the student:(Required)
Please tick the instrument you would like your child to learn.(Required)
Music Course Preference(Required)
Please tick Type A or Type B to select the lesson format you would like for your child (see below).
Type A
Performance Focus (with Accreditation option) – Lessons focus on performance standard with accreditation options listed below (includes theoretical content and support). Participation in College ensembles is highly recommended. NB Extra costs may be incurred depending on examination costs for accreditation.
  • Australian Music Examiner’s Board – Classical Performance
  • AMEB Contemporary Music Program Module
  • AMEB Rock School Module
  • SMART MUSIC – Fully Digitalised Learning module (Orchestral Instruments)
  • Theory Training Module
  • Online or External Accreditation
  • Other – discuss with allocated Tutor
  • Type B
    Self-Focus with Performance option – Lessons focus on individual’s personal music selection. Participation in College ensembles is highly recommended.
    Ensemble Preference (optional)
    Involvement in music ensembles is a fantastic way to accelerate your musical development and make music with like-minded people! You will also gain opportunities to perform music at various events throughout the school year. It is highly recommended that all music students take part in the College Choir as this is an invaluable way to develop one’s musical ear and overall musicianship. Participation in a choir is known to improve aural awareness of pitch, rhythm and harmony and can deepen an individual’s understanding of the elements of music. Please indicate which Music Ensembles you would like to be involved with. A student can participate in multiple ensembles if they desire. All sheet music is supplied for these ensembles.

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    It is essential that your child purchase or hire an instrument. If you require further information, please feel free to contact the Instrumental Tutor or the Director of Music for advice. Thank you for expressing your interest in the Emmanuel Catholic College Music Program. You will be contacted in the near future to be advised on the success of this application and a Peripatetic Tutor appointment confirming the relevant arrangements selected above.