Performing Arts Collective

Emmanuel Catholic College is delighted to introduce the Performing Arts Collective, an exciting group for emerging actors, musicians, and dancers who are passionate about showcasing their various art forms. Our world-class facilities, including a state-of-the-art Black Box Drama Theatre, Dance Studio and Sound Recording Atelier, supplies cutting edge programs, supporting the growth of creativity, which is the perfect stage for students to create truly memorable performances. 

Whether you’re a fan of Drama, Music, or Dance, or the technical side of performances, Emmanuel invites you to experience the magic of this dynamic and diverse Performing Arts Collective and we look forward to sharing their compelling performances with you.

Groups within the Collective include numerous Ensemble Bands, Rock Bands, Soul Bands and choirs, Theatre Groups, Dance Collectives, Art Club and Graphics groups, to name a few. The Collective brings all Arts groups together to support one another through performances and exhibitions, giving students the opportunity to experience the full cycle of an event or experience.