Podcast: Illume

We welcome you to our Emmanuel podcast, Illume. Listen as new conversations are released around contemporary educational topics. This podcast is recorded and produced by our Emmanuel student AV Team. The music you hear in the background of the podcasts (from Episode 2 onwards) is created and recorded by Mr Matthew Zambon, our Director of Music.

Episode 1: 2022 sees Emmanuel Catholic College welcoming a new Principal, Mr Paul Watson. Head Prefects Ashlee and Lachie interviewed Mr Watson to find out about him, where he’s come from, his educational philosophy and his ambitions for Emmanuel Catholic College in the future.

Episode 2: The health and wellbeing of all our community members at Emmanuel Catholic College is our priority. Listen to our Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care, George O’Brien and Head of Wellbeing, Justin Cordingley chat about the Pastoral Care and Wellbeing program at Emmanuel, the goal for the future, and perhaps pick up a few tips along the way.

Episode 3: As we enter the exam period, listen to Mr Ayala, Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning speak with Year 11 students Charlize and Lucy about exam preparation and study techniques.

Episode 4: In this episode we speak to our student Environmental Leaders and Director of Environmental Education, Miss Jess Milne, discussing pressing environmental issues and how the student leaders are tackling this on a local level at Emmanuel.

Episode 5: Paul Litherland, owner and founder of Surf Online Safe, is one of Australia’s leading experts in the field of internet awareness and has presented to Emmanuel Catholic College students, staff and parents for many years. Listen to our students interview Paul to get an in-depth understanding of today’s online world and how to navigate it safely.

Episode 6: As part of the Pastoral Care program at Emmanuel, Collective Shout were invited to present to our students about the harms of sexualisation, objectification, pornography and the way these messages have become entrenched in mainstream society.  Listen to our students interview Collective Shout about their informative presentation.

Episode 7: As we approach Science Week at Emmanuel, hear our Science Team answer some of those curly questions… Why do chillies burn even though they’re cold? Why do beans and sprouts make you pass gas? Can a coin falling from the top of the Empire State Building kill you? And many more…

Episode 8: Listen as we interview student Cooper Turnbull all about music production, specifically the music that Cooper creates and produces.

Listen to more of Cooper’s production here 👉 https://open.spotify.com/track/40R1CSgg3aavPc1K4HEzI1?si=359b0b1c46894f37

Episode 9: In this episode, two of our Year 12 students reflect on their time at school, their aspirations for the future, provide some advice for our incoming Year 7 students and also our Year 11 students as they transition to becoming the leaders of the College.

Episode 10: What will the schools of the future look like? Listen as Principal – Mr Watson, Head of Science – Ms Randall and Head of HASS – Mr Silver, share their story in this FutureSchool case study hosted by the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL).