Catalyst Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE)

The rationale of the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programme, Catalyst, is to provide highly academic and gifted students an opportunity to explore real-world problem-solving topics outside of the normal curriculum as well as topics within the curriculum that are beyond the students’ current year level. The class is vertical, comprising of multiple year levels in order to give students leadership skills. 

Catalyst aims to promote academic excellence in the College and encourage creativity, teamwork and communication skills.
The pillars of the programme are;

  • Creativity – Create a project based on an interest where students will learn significantly 
  • Critical Thinking – Consider the research process and learn how to reflect on their learning
  • Communication – Articulate their thoughts, ideas, process, failures and successes 
  • Collaboration – Work with a range of people to achieve your goal

Students generally choose an area of interest which pertains to real-world problem solving, undertake research and create a model to communicate their project to an audience in Term Four. 

Students are selected and invited into the Programme on the basis of one or more of the following;

  • High performance in Standardised Testing including the Australian General Ability Test (AGAT)
  • Educational Psychology Assessments indicating Giftedness or Exceptional Visual-Spatial Aptitudes
  • Prior Academic Testing including Progressive Achievement Testing or prior involvement in GATE
  • ECC Scholarship Testing Achievements

For more information regarding this Programme, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Learning Excellence.