The Girls in Grey – Senior Drama Production

The Senior Production of The Girls in Grey by Carolyn Bock and Helen Hopkins was a collaboration between Year 11 and 12 Drama students and directed by Mrs Sherie Chant.

Throughout the Year 11 and 12 Drama course students engage with both acting and design roles in performance. Drama students study Epic Theatre and the Brechtian performance style of storytelling.  Year 11 students have learnt about both psychological and physical approaches to characterisation and applied this to their performance of The Girls in Grey.  

Year 12 Drama students have been learning about alienating the audience into a thinking space in which audience members are asked to reflect upon the issues that are raised in the performance. Audience members are reminded that what they are watching is a performance on stage and not reality unfolding before their eyes. Year 12 Drama students applied these ideas to their design concepts and the production aspects of the performance.  The performance of the Girls in Grey was emotive and captured the lives and experiences of World War I nurses in a way that the audience will never forget. Congratulations to the all the students involved and thankyou to all the staff who supported the production.