September 21, 2020



Yanchep National Park Camp

During Week 8, the Year 10 Bush Rangers went on camp to Yanchep National Park. This was an insightful journey where we were able to learn many new skills and develop an understanding of the conservation practices learned in class. The first day was a great success even though we went through many hardships and...
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Bibbulumn Track

In Week 8 the Year 9 Bush Ranger classes of Miss Milne and Mr McGough travelled to Sullivan Rock to begin their hike south towards Mt Cooke as part of the Bush Ranger modules to develop leadership and witness the conservation strategies used in our state Parks. The practical component of the Bush Rangers program...
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Year 9 Retreat Day

On Thursday 3 September, the Year 9 cohort experienced a fun-filled day with the Youth Ministry Team. The Year 9 retreat day, was a day of reflection, personal and spiritual growth along with the consolidation of friendship bonds. Students spent time reflecting on themselves and the different relationships they have in their lives. I hope...
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Book Week 2020

What a wonderful Book Week we had again this year. There were well-attended lunch activity sessions including a Where’s Wally hunt, a Book quiz, Celebrity Heads competitions and of course our Grand Finale was our Book Ball pizza lunch. Students were enthusiastic and got involved in all activities, which was great to see. Over 230...
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Spring Concert 2020 – A Celebration of Music

On Monday of Week 8, parents, families and friends enjoyed an evening filled with excitement and eagerness as our college ensembles and music scholarship recipients took to the stage to perform at the Spring Concert! After a long hiatus from live performance, our musicians were still able to perform with professionalism and enthusiasm, putting smiles...
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        var birthYear = parseInt(document.getElementById("birthYear").value); 

        // Calculate the year the student will enter Year 7 
        var year7Entry = birthYear + 12; 
        if (birthMonth > 6) { 
        // Calculate the year entry from Year 7 
        var year8Entry = year7Entry +1; 
        var year9Entry = year7Entry +2; 
        var year10Entry = year7Entry +3; 
        var year11Entry = year7Entry +4; 
        var year12Entry = year7Entry +5; 

        // Set the calculated year in the form 
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